Elijah barely survived hurricane Ian in his one story home. After Hurricane Ian, Elijah was working full-time but he was homeless and sleeping on the floor of his place of work. CHR has assisted this local restaurant worker to find clean, safe, affordable housing.


My family and I have worked on Sanibel for more than forty years. CHR makes it possible for us to live here as well.


I’ve been on this island for over thirty years. After my wife died, I had two teenagers to bring up. CHR provided affordable housing so I could continue to work and live here and contribute to this remarkable community.


I am blessed that CHR affords me the chance to live in a beautiful apartment in the heart of Sanibel.
J. Van Buskirk

My jobs since moving to Sanibel have all been for Island businesses that support the continued patronage of visitors that propel our local economy…I could not afford to be here in a decent living environment without CHR.